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When these and other “Tax Disaster” scenarios present themselves, the situation can feel hopeless. But the skilled accountants at Duffy Financial Services are experts in applying tools and formulas, as well as negotiating directly with the tax agency — to help ensure the IRS or the State does not seize your bank account or assets, and that you pay as little as possible.

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Tax problems don’t “just go away.”  They get worse the longer you wait. Serious enough, they put your business and family in jeopardy.

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Notices Management

You filed a return, paid tax or received a refund, and either IRS or the State doesn’t agree — they’re saying you owe more. We investigate the difference and propose an action plan to have you resolve the matter with the least amount of tax payment possible by you.

Tax Audit Handling

Receiving an tax audit notice can cause uncertainty and upset — the IRS has received your tax filing but they want to verify items on your return. With a solid track record of resolving the issue in the taxpayer’s favor, we represent clients by going to the meeting with the IRS face-to-face and defending — with evidence — the deductions claimed on your return.

Our Excellent Audit Record

Duffy Financial Services has an excellent “no audit” record — in 30 years, we’ve only had 5 of the returns we prepared audited! We prepare ethical returns and protect ourselves ahead of time on deductions that might be questioned. And, 4 of the 5 audits were deemed “no change” meaning the IRS accepted the return as filed and agreed with our numbers.

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Levy Hold & Prevention

When a notice has been sent to a taxpayer at least 2 times and there was no response the IRS will then issue an “intent to levy” letter. If the taxpayer does not respond in 30 days the IRS will seize money from the taxpayer bank accounts. With power of attorney, we can communicate directly to the IRS and have them put a hold on the levy. And usually, with additional actions we can prevent the levy all together.

Installment Agreements

Our accountants can negotiate affordable installment agreements with the IRS, when a taxpayer files a return with money owed but doesn’t have the funds to pay the tax due.  Depending on the size of the amount owed, the IRS will accept information to calculate how much the taxpayer can afford and allow the taxpayer to enter a formal installment agreement to pay down the tax in monthly payments.

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Offers In Compromise

When a taxpayer owes such a large amount of money they’ll never be able to pay it, Duffy Financial Services can negotiate with the IRS for a settlement at a fraction of the amount owed. We help clients prepare the necessary detailed statements on assets and income that will be used to calculate an amount they feel they can pay. If the IRS accepts the taxpayer’s offer amount, the remaining balance is written off by the IRS. This is a slow, labor intensive process usually taking 2+ years; we’ll be with you all way.

“I can reach anyone in the office with a quick phone call. Everyone is friendly and the accountants are always there when there is a problem that needs resolving.”  — J.B.

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