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Tax Preparation is Just the Beginning…

Business Tax services

Duffy Financial Services handles all taxes related to a business — to allow its owners the freedom to focus on making the enterprise more profitable. This includes Federal and State Corporate taxes, payroll and sales taxes, business retirement plans, Tax Audit Management, and Strategic Tax Planning. With complete understanding of their business finances, we also commonly handle the individual tax, estate tax, and gift tax needs of the owners themselves.

Individual Tax services

Duffy Financial Services’ secondary focus is to handle the personal taxes of individuals. Over the past 30 years in business, we’ve filed over 9,000 Federal and State personal tax returns. We help individuals plan for taxes to avoid surprises. And if things have already gotten out of hand, we offer expert Tax Disaster Management to resolve any tax issue you may have, no matter how severe.

Financial services

At Duffy Financial Services, we want to help you advance your net worth using all the tools that the tax and investment worlds have to offer. Our Financial Planning for a Bright Future services include help with retirement plans, trusts, insurances, investments, buying and selling stocks, government loan programs and more. The background and certifications of our accountants allows us to have educated conversations with people and help rectify unclear financial advice that clients may have heard along the way.

Business & Individual Services

Keeping Your House in Order and Your Future on Track.

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Business Services

  • Birth of the Business – helping with setting up any forms needed for a new business
  • Selection of entity type: LLC, S Corp, C Corp, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship – which one is right for you?
  • Entity Creation – Handling all documents to set up entity
  • Registration with IRS and state
  • Registration with payroll services, IRS and State
  • Creation of the “permanent file” 
  • Projection of the current year profits/loss to owners and implementing a strategy to handle the tax due

Bookkeeping Services

  • Summarizing accounting records by Duffy Financial Services for the year (bank statements, credit cards, payroll)
  • Receiving accounting records periodically— bookkeeping done by client
  • Payroll processing and filing for small payrolls
  • Sales tax issue management, being aware of and handling issues for a business
  • CULMINATING IN: tax return preparation services for business
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Audit Management Services

The IRS or States can come in to take a close look at your business. Duffy Financial Services can help you get the best outcome from an audit. 

  • Prepare data:  Gather, organize and prepare your information for the auditor  
  • Attend the audit on behalf of the taxpayer and handle the issues

Individual Services

  • Taxes – Projecting current year taxes and implementing strategies to handle and reduce income taxes
  • Filing annual taxes with IRS and States
  • Handling large back taxes or unfiled years to keep IRS from unexpectedly seizing client funds
  • CPA Hotline to IRS
  • Installment payment agreements
  • Offer in compromise
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College Financing Services

  • Documentation – FAFSA and profile form filing
  • Planning – Develop strategies to finance college


Estate & Trusts

  • Administration – Assist with executors/trustees in the administration of estates and trusts
  • Accounting for assets
  • Lawfully transferring assets in accordance with will
  • Educating executor and beneficiaries on tax ramification of certain distributions
  • Filing necessary Estate, Gift, and Income tax returns for the estates and beneficiaries
  • Assisting in the resolution of disputes
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Government Disaster Relief Programs

  • Evaluating and applying for various programs offered by the federal and state governments to assist small business through COVID-19 and other natural disasters. 


“I moved my company’s accounting to Sean’s Office in 2011 and in a short time he was handling my personal and all business needs. Sean’s staff and services professionally cover everyday items, monthly reports, and long-term projections and planning. I am comfortable and confident in all aspects of Duffy Financial Services.”  — R.M.

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